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G-Flow Greywater System
$780.00 includes shipping in Continental USA
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The G-Flow greywater reuse system is one of the most versatile and affordable Laundry to Landscape systems made.

The G-flow greywater system is made in Australia by Advanced Waste Water Systems. Originally designed to filter and pump laundry, shower and basin water into irrigation systems for garden it carries the appropriate health and plumbing standards and certifications in countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa.

Over 10,000 G-Flow Greywater diverter systems have been sold worldwide.

The G-Flow can be mounted on the wall, on the ground, partially buried, or fully buried in a vault where system will not be flooded.

G-Flow can be a pumped system, gravity flow system or both at the same time. There are 3 outlets on the G-Flow that can be utilized in any configuration, and 4 inlet and overflow outlets for installation options. G-Flow can be used with drip line alone, or a drip line Rotor valve combo. G-Flow can also be used with a Rotor valve and no drip line for a modified branch drain application. Connect a Rain Barrel or Tank to the G-Flow and maximize water recycling capabilities.

The G-Flow is a Laundry to Landscape system, but it can handle a 3 bedroom as a whole house system. If used as a whole house system cleaning frequency will increase.

Additional Features:

- Easy to Install Plumb, Plug & Play fully integrated unit
- Easy self-installation into both new & existing homes, no expensive plumbing required
- Automatic activation with clog resistant float switch
- Robust thermal protected vortex pump
- Simple, robust, and reliable design with no controller
- Innovative self-drain and auto de-sludge mechanism
- Diverts Grey Water from one 50mm (2") connection
- 3 way manual valve for gravity diversion to rainwater overflow or sewer when not in use
- Easy, hygienic, and low maintenance every (3-6 months)
- Easy to pull-out sludge trap basket
- Extra large 4 layers graded vertical filter
- Watermark and IAPMO certified
- 2 Years warranty

For more information click G Flow Owners Manual.

Additional Information

Please note that greywater systems are not intended for handling kitchen sink and dishwasher greywater. Grease, oils and food particles can clog any greywater reuse system.
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Attention Arizona Residents
This system may qualify for the 25% tax credit for greywater reuse systems.
For more information visit Arizona Greywater Tax Credit

If you need to handle your blackwater visit our Composting Toilets site.
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