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For blackwater waste

Types of Package Systems

Packaged greywater systems have been difficult to find in the USA. In fact, through my research I have found very few are manufactured in the USA. Most are made by overseas companies in drought prone areas or countries that are known for environmental advocacy/awareness. The systems we sell our made by an Australian company,
One issue with greywater systems in the USA is code approvals. Many local and state health officials do not understand greywater reuse. The standard operating policy for many health officials is septic tank permits.
I personally do not understand the reasons behind the lack of acceptance in using greywater systems. In my area greywater from showers and laundry mix with the blackwater from toilets and go into a septic tank. The mixed grey and black water then goes into the drain field to be dispersed underground. I would think that such an arrangement would accentuate the black water by adding greywater. Would it not be more sanitary to keep the very dirty toilet water separate from the soapy greywater? Why can't laundry water be used to water plants?  Why do we water or lawns and gardens with drinking water which is becoming scarce in some parts of the world?

Greywater for Toilet Flushing
Some systems available in the US contain a tank to filter and collect the greywater for reuse in flushing toilets. One such unit fits under the bathroom sink. Other systems are located in the basement or lower area of the home and pump greywater back to toilets for flushing. Installation of these kind of systems may be more difficult in existing homes unless basement or crawl space areas are available to run piping. These systems are easier for code approvals since greywater is never discharged into the yard or garden. We do not sell these kinds of systems.

Greywater for Lawn and Garden Irrigation
Greywater systems that filter the greywater and directly discharge the water into the yard or garden through drip irrigation are also available and is what we sell on this site.
When outdoor watering is not required, the greywater could go into the sanitary sewer or septic system or help replenish a small pond. Installation tends to be easier with these kind of systems in exisiting homes. Some choose to hook their system up to the laundry drain since washing machines are a large supplier of greywater.

Other Options
Others simply collect greywater in a plastic storage tank to reuse on watering garden areas. Such an arrangement do not normally meet local codes since the stored greywater can harbor bacteria. In Australia greywater systems are required to discharge the water within 24 hours to avoid bacteria growth. Those systems that hold greywater in storage tanks longer than 24 hours require disinfection with chlorine tablets or UV light. Watering a flower garden or yard with chlorinated water could be detrimental to plants and not environmentally friendly.

Please note that greywater systems are not intended for handling kitchen sink and dishwasher greywater. Grease, oils and food particles can clog any greywater reuse system and are not good for the garden, lawn or for flushing toilets.

System for Lawn & Garden Irrigation