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Reusing Bath, Laundry & Sink Water to Conserve Fresh Water

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Greywater Regulations

Many States are concerned with "storing" greywater in a barrel or container because of the real possibility of creating and harboring bacteria. The systems sold on this site do not have a storage tank to hold the greywater which eliminates the State's concerns. The water is sent directly to the drip irrigation hoses. Some State's like Colorado use to may it illegal to capture greywater (law has changed).

If you want to make sure greywater reuse is legal in your State you need to start by contacting your local health department. Talk to the person that issues permits for septic tank and well installations. They work for the State Board of Health in most cases. If the local contact has not heard about greywater reuse systems do not be surprised. You may have to explain it to them. They may have to call the State Capital main office as well.

In existing homes and dwellings many homeowners attach the greywater system to their laundry drain simply by diverting the drain pipe through the outside wall to the system without approval.